Printed Wall Graphics

printed wall graphics

Printed Feature Wall Graphics

Full colour printed feature wall graphics and are a superb way of adding a splash of colour and branding the office with your company logo and brand colours. Using high resolution images or typography can be used to transform bland white office walls into a colourful working environment. Our selection of printed vinyl graphics help transform the office and by working with your brand guidelines and ideas, we’re able to create a feature wall within your budget.

Semi-transparent printed window vinyl graphics can also be used for privacy purposes for spaces such as meeting rooms or boardrooms, and frosted vinyl manifestations are often used for safety purposes to make the glassed walls more visible.

At Logo Signs we have many options when it comes to vinyl wall signs and use a range of both short-term and long life vinyl decals which are cut to size and printed on with a large format digital printer to produce high resolution branding. Wall graphics can also be laminated for protection against UV as well as wear and tear.   

Typical office wall vinyl graphics:

A great method of displaying a company's identity within an office without totally covering the entire office with graphics is to produce a full vinyl-wrap feature wall within a corridor or within a reception area . This could also display your company logo or your company colours.